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WebTrust ®: Privacy Policy

WebTrust ® is extremely serious about privacy issues. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all products, services and websites offered by the company WebTrust ® Inc., its subsidiaries or affiliates companies collectively called, "WebTrust® Services". In addition, if more detailed information about our privacy practices is needed, we publish on our sites helper applications about privacy where is provided the explanation of the way the personal information is processed in particular services.

WebTrust ® realizes the confidentiality provisions established in Ukraine: notification, choice, data transmission, security, data integrity, access and ensuring compliance.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, contact us through our website or male to the following address admin@adgrafics.net

Collection and information use
We offer a range of services that do not require you to register an account or provide us with any personal information, such as Who is WebTrust ®. To provide full range of services we may collect the following types of information.
The information you provide - When you create a WebTrust® account, register in any WebTrust ® service or participate in a special action that requires a registration, we ask you to enter your personal information (such as your name, e-mail or your account password). For some services, we also ask to indicate a credit card number or other payment account information which we maintain in encrypted form on our secure servers. We may combine information you provided us while creating your account with information from other WebTrust ® services or third-party sources to provide high quality services and positive users’ experience.
Cookie files - when you visit a WebTrust ® sites, we will send to your computer one or more cookie files. Cookie - is a small file containing a symbol string that serves as a unique identifier for your browser. This cookie files are used to improve the quality of our services.
Messages that are send by users - when users send a WebTrust ® message (using e-mail or otherwise), we can save these messages for processing requests, answer questions and further work at our services.
Affiliated sites - some of the services we offer are linked to other sites. Personal information you provide to those sites may be transferred to the WebTrust ® for providing these services. We process this type of information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Each affiliate site may have its own privacy policy, we advise you to exemine the confidentiality provisions.
Links - WebTrust ® may provide links in a format that allows us to track conversions on these links.
Other sites - This Privacy Policy is applied only to WebTrust ® services. We do not monitor sites to which there are links from our services. These sites may place on your computer their own cookie files, collect data or request your personal information.

WebTrust ® processes personal information only for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, and (or) in the subsidiary notes on privacy for certain services. In addition to the above, these objectives include:
rendering of services to users, including the demonstration of customized content and advertising;
Auditing, research and analysis which help to sustain, protect and improve our services;
maintenance of our network technical functioning;
development of new services.

More information about personal data processing can be obtained from helper applications on Privacy for specific services.

WebTrust ® company is processing personal information on its servers in the Netherlands and other countries. In some cases, we process personal information on a server outside your own country. We may process personal information in order to provide our own services. In other cases, we can process personal information by order and in the name of any third parties (for example, our partners) and in accordance with provided instructions.

Ability to refuse to provide personal information
When you sign up for a particular service that requires registration, we ask you to provide some personal information. If this information is used for purposes other than stated in its collection, we will ask your permission for such use beforehand.
If we plan to use personal information for any purposes other than described in this Privacy Policy, and (or) in the notes on Privacy Policy for specific service, we will offer you an effective way to renounce the use of your personal information for these purposes. We will collect or use confidential information for purposes other than described in this Privacy Policy, and (or) in the subsidiary Privacy Policy notes for specific services without obtaining your permission beforehand.
Most browsers are initially set to receive cookie files, but you can reset these settings and specify the browser to block all cookie files, or notifies you about sending of these files. But it is possible that some of the WebTrust ® functions and services will not work properly if you disable a cookie files.
You can refuse to submit personal information to any of our services. In this case WebTrust ®, perhaps, will not be able to provide you with certain services.

Providing access to information
WebTrust ® provides access to personal information for other companies or private persons unrelated to the WebTrust ® company, only under the following limited circumstances.
we have your permission for this. For transmission of any confidential data we need your valid permit.
We provide such information to our subsidiaries and affiliated companies or other authorized organizations and individuals only for purposes of processing personal information on your behalf. We demand these third parties to follow our instructions comply with the Privacy Policy and take other necessary steps for confidentiality protection while processing such information.
we have sufficient grounds to consider that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is necessary for (a) compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, requirements of the legal process, or legitimate governmental request, (b) adherence to the applicable Terms of services provision, including investigation of potential violations, (c) detection and prevention of fraud, as well as a solution of safety problems and eliminating technical defects, or (d) protection from the imminent threat to damage rights, property or safety of WebTrust ® Company, its users or the public as required or permitted by law.

If the WebTrust ® company participates in a merger, acquisition, or any other form of sale of part or all of its assets, we will inform you about it before your personal information is transferred and falls under the other Privacy Policy.

We may give third parties certain parts of the consolidated non-personal information. With this kind of information it is impossible to identify you personally.

Contact us at the address below, if you have any additional questions concerning the use of personal information, or its management.

Information security

We take all necessary measures for protection against hacking into data or its unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction. These include administrative review of the collection process, data storage, processing and security measures, as well as measures to ensure the physical security protection of data in order to prevent unauthorized access to systems where we store the personal data.

We restrict the access of WebTrust ® employees, its contractors and agents to personal information which they need for operation, developing or improving of our services. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to penalties, including termination of contract and trial if they violate these obligations.

Data Integrity
WebTrust ® processes personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected, and in accordance with this Privacy Policy or other applicable Privacy Notices for specific services. We regularly check our processes of collecting, storing and data processing in order to ensure the collection, storage and processing only that personal information which we need to provide or improve our services. We take reasonable necessary steps to ensure the accuracy, completeness and relevance of collected personal information, but here we can not do without users’ help, who should update and correct their personal data as far as possible.

Access to personal information and its updating
When you use WebTrust ® services, we are doing everything we can to give you access to your personal information and either to correct them if they are not correct, or delete such information unless its storage is not required by law or is not mentioned by legitimate business purposes. We ask users to confirm their identity and affiliation of the information they want to obtain, correct or remove before performing the corresponding request. We can refuse to comply with the requests that are systematically or too often repeated, technical implementation of which requires on our part excessive efforts that threaten the privacy of other users or implementation of which would be totally inappropriate (for example, queries on the information stored on carrier tapes for backup copy), and their implementation do not require access to information. In all cases, when we provide access to information and an opportunity to correct it, we do it free of charge, unless it requires us disproportionate efforts. In some of our services adopted other procedures to obtain, correct and delete user’s personal information. In more detail these procedures are explained in the special notes on the privacy for these services.

Ensuring compliance with requirements
WebTrust ® regularly checks compliance with this Privacy Policy. If You have any questions or apprehension concerns this Privacy Policy or WebTrust ® approach to personal information processing, please contact us through this website or mail to: Украина, 29013 г.Хмельницкий а.я.320
After receiving a formal complaint in writing to this address, WebTrust ® obligates to contact the user about his claims or concerns. We will cooperate with the relevant regulatory bodies, including local authorities, responsible for data protection to address the problem of personal data transfer that can not be resolved between the WebTrust ® and private person.

Changes of this Privacy Policy
Please note that this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will not restrict your rights under this Privacy Policy, without your valid license, and we think that similar changes will be mostly minor. Regardless of the pattern of changes made to the privacy policy, we will publish them on this page. If the changes are significant, we provide a more evident notice (including, in the case of some services e-mail notification about changes in this Privacy Policy). Each version of the Privacy Policy will be marked at the bottom of this page by the effective date, in addition, for your convenience we will keep in the archive previous versions of this Privacy Policy.

If you have additional questions about this Policy Privacy, you can always contact us through this website or write to us.

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